Company Section

At the age of 11, boys are promoted to the Company Section. They continue with their badges, gaining ‘points’ as part of the ‘Discover’ badge programme. This badge scheme enables boys to take part in a fun, balanced and challenging variety of tasks, be recognised for their efforts and achievements, and build trusting relationships. It's all about learning new skills, making their own decisions and having fun. BB provides a safe environment to explore new possibilities and achieve personal goals while making friends and learning about themselves. Within Discover there are 3 programme zones, or badges, Community, Recreation & Skills. It's up to all boys to work out which opportunities are relevant for them, whether it's improving football skills, camping or even making model planes or boomerangs! Every young person should also expect to experience new challenges, to be listened to and have a say, to be respected and valued, and to have the opportunity to develop a personal Christian faith.

On earning all three badges at the fourth stage, and having completed three grades of Christian Education the boys receive their Presidents badge and can work towards the Queens Badge, which is the highest award attainable in BB. The Queens Badge is equivalent to the Duke of Edinburgh Silver, and is recognised by most employers as GCSE standard.

We offer a varied selection of classes boys can attend, most last 8 weeks although Band and Canoeing continue all year. Examples of classes held in previous years include:

Target Awards Camp Craft Crafts Football First Aid
Drill Seamanship Circus Skills Uni-hok Fire Prevention
Grades 1 - 3 Canoeing Model Cars Shooting Crime Prevention
Christian Education Climbing Band Pool Safety
Grades 1 - 3 Abseiling Model Planes Gymnastics Community Service
Leadership Expedition Jujitsu BB Worldwide Health & Fitness

As you can see the choices are plenty, and as some take place on different nights, at times boys can be occupied throughout the whole week.

Every year the Company Section boys attend the annual camp. In recent years camps have been held in the South of France, Brittany, Alderney, and the New Forest. But we regularly go to Jersey and Sark.


Canoeing features high on the activities programme, our fully qualified instructors take the boys out into Grande Havre during the summer evenings, and when they are older they take part in specially organised canoeing expeditions. Using donations to the company we have recently replaced the entire fleet of 18 kayaks, safety equipment and a trailer, some of our senior boys are also attending a BCU assessment course enabling them to instruct beginners.