Junior Section

The planned programme for the Juniors is more structured and boys concentrate on gaining their Membership award badge, before proceeding to the Bronze, Silver and Gold badges. All the badges are achieved by completing a number of activities under the following headings:

GET ACTIVE getting young people moving

GET ADVENTUROUS allowing young people to step out of the comfort zone

GET CREATIVE encouraging young people to express themselves through arts and craft

GET INTO THE BIBLE enabling young people to experience and explore the Christian faith

GET INVOLVED supporting young people in getting involved in social activities both locally and globally

GET LEARNING empowering young people to make good life choices and gain knowledge

In order to gain the membership badge, the boys need to experience one activity in each of the sections with the Bronze, Silver and Gold badges increasing the requirements in each area including an element of free choice as to which areas they would like to participate.

On Friday evenings during the winter and in addition to the badge classes described above we run varied programmes for the boys. These include games, craft evenings,wide games out on the common ,team based competitions in football, unihoc, handball, indoor cricket etc. and "Superstars" - a competition testing individual skills over a very diverse range of abilities from remote controlled trucks to football penalties, from general knowledge quizzes to potted sports, from skittles to throwing & catching skills.

In the summer we concentrate on outdoor pursuits and sporting activities including wide games, kayaking, historical visits, cooking competitions, beach games ,water games, football, rounders and hockey.